About Me

Glenn Hoormann is the Executive Vice President at eAlliance Corporation in Naperville, IL. eAlliance Corporation leverages technology to create business solutions that deliver measurable results. Founded in 2000 by Ramesh Kumar, eAlliance remains committed to serving as a go-to partner for mid-market and Fortune 500 organizations. Learn more at http://ealliancecorp.com/.

Glenn J. Hoormann graduated from Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management. At eAlliance, Glenn Hoormann focuses on enterprise automation. Business process automation is now mainstream, gaining acceptance in the marketplace and experiencing rapidly increasing adoption rates. Opportunities for process improvement, improved data integrity, labor cost savings, rapid ROI, and improved employee morale are just some of the many reasons for this growth.

The maturity of process automation technology and platforms has enabled this trend and created these opportunities, along with some intriguing, eye-popping success stories, explains Glenn J. Hoormann.


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